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Hey everyone!!!! There is this realy kool worship service that occurs at Faith Lutheran College at Plainland. This service is lead by a group of teenages and has some great music. Not so long ago, Shine hit the road to take one of there services out to a couple of schools out near Crows Nest. After one of these services, a student from the school came up to one of the band members from Shine. This student, along with many of the other students from that school, were amazed that you could get such "cool" Christian music. But that's it, Christian music isn't just all hymns, it's a variey of music to suit everyone. In the end, it all does the same job. It praises God.
Shine aims to change people's lives by showing them God. They have succeeded. Not only by in the story above, but in many other people's lives, including mine.
Here is a little about Shine .... ...
Shine is an up-to-date worship service designed for the students, staff and parents of the Faith Lutheran College. The driving force behind the services is a group of students, teachers and pastors from the local area called the Shine Team.
They organise, co-ordinate and lead the services that are held on the first Saturday night of every month (excluding January).
The Shine Band, which plays all music for the services, is comprised of students, teachers, parents, pastors, and other talented musicians from the local community.
Our aim is to SHINE our light across the Lockyer Vally to all the young people who don't yet know God, and share with them what we experience each month at Shine.
We hope to see you there so that you too can experience God's mind-blowing love for you.
The Shine Team.
Shine is always looking for new members, especially with all our year 12 students leaving us at the end of this year. So, if you are a student at FLC, a parent are even just a member of our local community, it doesn't matter whether you can play and instrument or just help out with the organisation of the services, Shine needs you!!! If you are interested, please feel free to come along to our weekly meetings that are held every Wednesday morning at 7:30am in one of the classrooms at FLC. For more information please contact Fath Lutheran College (see link on "Links" page), or better still, come along to Shine and talk to one of our members face-to-face. Your ideas can make the world of difference. New members are awlays welcome.


Next Shine Service:
 Saturday 6th November 2004